Who We Are

Change a Life Dog Rescue is a foster based all-breed rescue that specializes in working and herding dogs. Everyday thousands of good healthy dogs, that would make wonderful family members, die or are euthanized because there is no one there to help them. We are their lifeline to a new life with a family that will love them.

change of life storyboard

When we first saw Charger, it was in a Shelter Volunteer post on a Sunday Afternoon.  The shelter was located in rural Georgia.  This particular Shelter has its challenges and regularly euthanizes dogs for space.  The headline of the Facebook post read “URGENT: 8-Year-Old Male German Shepherd, dog and people friendly, will be euthanized tomorrow morning at 11:00AM.  Please help!”  He was out of time.  We took one look at the post and knew that this guy needed us.  To help dogs like Charger is why Change a Life Dog Rescue was founded.  A wonderful dog that would make some family the perfect new best friend, but due to no fault of his own he was in danger of not living past the next day.  With the help of one of our Partner Rescues in Georgia, 2 Hands Saving 4 Paws, we sprung into action.  We contacted the shelter first thing Monday, made arrangement to pull him, and then transport him to a Vet/Boarding Facility.  Several weeks later he made the trip via a combination of commercial and volunteer transport to CT.  He was underweight, needed shots and had a leg injury that required surgery, all of which with the support of our amazing volunteers and supporters, has been taken care of.  The great news is he has since been adopted. The pic below is this handsome old man on his bed in his forever home!

Charger at home