Adoption Info

Our Adoption Process and Fees

We thank you and congratulate you on your decision to adopt a Change a Life dog. Adopting a new dog or puppy is a huge commitment and we want to make sure that you are truly ready to take this step and give a rescue dog a second chance at a wonderful life.

The dogs that we have available for adoption have come from shelters where they were found stray or surrendered by owners. These dogs have been let down by humans in the past and may be suffering from physical ailments or abuse. So, by the time these dogs come into our rescue group they have been through a lot and need a home that can provide them with structure, guidance, love, patience and time to adjust to their new surroundings. Please understand that as dogs’ transition from shelter to foster home to forever home there can be set backs along the way and they will need your help to adjust.

All dogs that are adopted from Change a Life are spayed or neutered, have ALL age-appropriate vaccinations, microchipped and have provided with all necessary veterinary care. Each of our dogs also comes with their own leash and collar. However, owning a pet can be expensive and you must be prepared to provide quality food, monthly heartworm medication, monthly flea and tick medication, yearly shots and routine checkups. In addition, you must prepare for accidents and illnesses that may require expensive treatment or surgeries. Many times, our dogs have ended up in shelters because their previous owners were not prepared for these expenses and we want to ensure this never happens to them again.

We strive to know and understand each of our dogs so that we can work to find the best match for each dog and adopter.

Our adoption process includes an adoption application, adoption interview, meet and greet, veterinary reference check, personal reference check prior to making the adoption final. We reserve the right to deny any application that we feel is not a good fit for any of our dogs for any reason. If you are ready to make a commitment to one of our dogs please see that steps below that outline our adoption process.

Steps to Adopt one of our Dogs

  1. Think about having a dog for 12-18 years. Is the entire family on board with getting a puppy or adult dog? If yes, go to Step 2.
  2. Complete our adoption application by clicking on the link in the “Adoption Application” tab
  3. Once we receive your completed application one of our Adoption Coordinators will contact you within 72 hours to setup an interview
  4. The interview will last 30-45 min. We will review your application with you and get an understanding of what type of dog you’re looking for i.e., age, breed, sex, size, activity level etc. If our approved, this information will help us match the right dog for you and your family
  5. We will check your personal and Vet references
  6. Once approved we will begin to match you to our available dogs

Our Adoption Fees

  • Puppies that are 6 months old or younger our adoption fee is $495
  • Dogs older than six months to 7 years our adoption fee is $450
  • Seniors (dogs over 7 years of age) our adoption fee is $300